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    MusicDish*China 独立小炒 is a creative music agency based in Beijing, focused on producing and promoting live music events across China. Since producing its first tour during the Shanghai World Expo 2010 for Tomas Doncker, MusicDish*China has been developing and touring a growing roster of international artists, including award-winning acts Sugar Blue, Tom "The Suit" Forst and Sturle Dagsland. Over the years, we've produced 6-8 tours annually, with most tours including events in 8-10 cities across China. For example in 2018, we organized events in 24 cities, including at festivals (OCT-Loft Jazz Festival in Shenzhen and Shunde, MTA Festival, FuNiushan College Student Music Festival, World Music Asia, Yilong Country Music Festival and Xiamen Chuan Jazz Festival), livehouses, art spaces and shopping malls such as Beijing's SOHO Galaxy and Shenzhen's CITIC Plaza. MusicDish*China has also produced events in North America and Europe for some of the biggest names in the Chinese music world such as Mayday, Jolin Tsai and Second Hand Rose.

  • - Tour Highlights -

    Sturle Dagsland 2019 China Touring

    Norwegian Experimental Ethno-world Music Duo

    FuNiushan College Student Music Festival


    Tom The Suit Forst 2018 China Touring

    Blues Hall of Fame Guitarist

    OCT-Loft Jazz Festival


  • - Selected Major Acts -

    Sugar Blue

    Grammy winning blues harmonica legend Sugar Blue has been called the Jimi Hendrix of the harmonica. He has played and recorded with Willie Dixon, Prince, Stan Getz, Bob Dylan, only to name a few... and notably the Rolling Stones, including their biggest hit "Miss You". He has appeared across America, Europe, Africa and Asia at many prestigious festivals and venues over the decades.


    Tour Booking: musicdish@gmail.com

    Tom "The Suit" Forst

    Blues Hall of Fame guitarist Tom "The Suit" Forst has gained acclaim as a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, performing and recording with musicians from The Johnny Winter Band, Saturday Night Live, Allman Brothers Band, Paul Nelson Band, Stephen Colbert Show Band, Popa Chubby and Grammy winning musicians & producers. As a performer he has opened for Hoobastank, Marshall Tucker Band, Lucas Nelson (Willie's son!), Atlanta Rhythm Section, 3 Dog Night, Gideon Luke, Grand Funk.


    Tour Booking: musicdish@gmail.com

    A Love Electric

    A Love Electric is a critically acclaimed rock trio born out of Mexico City's jazz scene. Guitarist Todd Clouser from Minneapolis, Latin Grammy winning drummer Hernan Hecht from Argentina, and Mexico City native bassist Aaron Cruz formed the band over 4 years and have performed over 500 concerts throughout Mexico, the United States, and on tours through Germany, the Czech Republic, China, Spain, Morocco, to Panama, and through Argentina to Patagonia.


    Tour Booking: musicdish@gmail.com

    Sturle Dagsland

    Sturle Dagsland is a highly acclaimed musical duo from Norway. They alternate at playing on an array of instruments and electronics, harmonically creating an expressive, progressive, ever-changing soundscape dominated by Sturle's unrestrained innovative vocals ranging from ravening ferocious screams to virtuous angelic chanting which won him the "Emerging Artist" award in Copenhagen, and they have toured extensively all across the world ever since.


    Tour Booking: musicdish@gmail.com

    Two Siberians

    Two Siberians is a unique instrumental jazz-rock fusion duo composed of Artem Yakushenko (violin) and Yuri Matveev (guitar). They are the authors of several hundred original music pieces, ranging ballet score to soundtracks for Russian TV and film. They have also collaborated with well-known jazz musicians such as Michael Brecker, Don Byron, and Richard Bona. They have participated in international festivals around the world, including JVC (USA), Saratoga Jazz Festival (USA), Livercusin Jazz Festival (Germany), Oslo World Music Festival (Norway) and Invasion (Russia).


    Tour Booking: musicdish@gmail.com

    Sheep Got Waxed

    Lithuanian trio Sheep Got Waxed is the new weird, bringing a new perspective into jazz, electronic and academic music. Having a background in electronic music and even heavy metal, the band's unique sound fits somewhere in between free jazz and experimental electronics. They have been awarded the Vilnius Jazz Young Power Grand Prix and nominated as Alternative Of The Year at M.A.M.A awards twice. They have toured across Eastern and Western Europe, and more recently on South Korea and China.


    Tour Booking: musicdish@gmail.com

  • - Selected Events -

    Business Delegations in China

    Alan Krueger on Rockonomics

    Beijing Fever! Disco Madness!

  • - Selected Conferences -

    SXSW 2018

    Panel moderator at SXSW 2018 in Austin, USA

    MusicBiz 2017

    Speaker at MusicBiz 2017 in Nashville, USA

    China Connect 2017

    Keynote speaker at China Connect 2017 in Paris, France

    What's Next in Music? 2017

    Panelist at What's Next in Music? 2017 in Vilnus , Lithuania

    Bangkok Music City 2019

    Speaker and panel moderator at Bangkok Music City 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand

    Colisium International Music Forum 2018

    Keynote speaker at Colisium International Music Forum 2018 in Almaty, Kazakhstan

    Sound of the Xity (SOTX) 2017

    Panel moderator at Sound of the Xity (SOTX) 2017 in Beijing

    Asia Pacific Music Meeting (APaMM) 2015

    Panelist at Asia Pacific Music Meeting (APaMM) 2015 in Ulsan, Korea

    Asia Pacific Music Meeting (APaMM) 2018

    Speaker at Asia Pacific Music Meeting (APaMM) 2018 in Ulsan, Korea

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